You can now get a COVID-19 test and a flu shot while you’re early voting at State Farm Arena.

The Downtown venue has been Fulton County’s success story during early voting. While long lines have been reported at other polling sites, social media has lit up with the fact that most voters are in and out in 15 to 20 minutes at the arena. There’s even free parking.

Through Oct. 30, the arena is offering free COVID-19 tests and flu shots to Fulton residents through a partnership among Fulton County, CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort), the Fulton County Board of Health, and the Atlanta Hawks.

The COVID-19 testing and flu vaccines are available on Centennial Park Drive on the walkway near the MARTA Station. COVID testing is available from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. all week and flu shots until 3 p.m.

“Fulton County’s highest priorities at this time are the fight against COVID-19 and the successful operation of the Nov. 3 election,” said Chairman Robb Pitts. “It makes sense to bring COVID-19 testing and flu shots together in one location that is convenient and accessible to thousands of as they cast their ballots.”

“Voter turnout in Fulton County has been tremendous at State Farm Arena,” said Steve Koonin, CEO of the Atlanta Hawks. “We are thankful that Fulton County is supporting the community in so many ways, and we are proud to be a part of the great work the county is doing for our residents.”

In the first 10 days of early voting, more than 20,000 Fulton County voters cast their ballots State Farm Arena. Thousands more are expected to vote through the last day of early voting on Oct. 30.