At Malachi’s Storehouse, 2020 has been a year filled with challenges but also overflowing with enormous gratitude.

Since March, we have provided more than 500,000 pounds of fresh as well as shelf-stable food to more than 2,700 households, all via our new drive-thru system that was implemented because of COVID-19. In other years, we serve about 125 families per week, but this year that number has grown exponentially with the addition of people who lost their jobs, as well as a large number of families with young children who no longer can count on regular school lunches.

We are so grateful to the many individuals and organizations who have joined Malachi’s Storehouse efforts in 2020. It takes a generous and hardworking community to consistently support what we do, and we give thanks to all who have stepped up in so many different ways to make Malachi’s Storehouse a beacon during this very dark year.

Special thanks from Malachi’s Storehouse to: Dunwoody Mayor Lynn Deutsch; Jean Cronan; Barry Deutsch; Shari Dickerson; Peter Forbes; Tom Fullilove; Brian Gamble; Erika Harris; Martha Myers; Robin Neal, Sumeet Jain and GE; Art Simon, Eleanor Geddes and the Charity Bed gardeners from the Dunwoody Community Garden; Wednesday lunch providers (Elisha B., Jan S., Beth D., Bonnie S. and Judy R.); Malachi’s Wednesday youth team (Cooper, Finley, Addison, Carter and others); St. Patrick’s Kitchen Project: vestry, staff, endowment board, Episcopal Community Foundation and donors; Malachi’s Storehouse Board & volunteers; Borden Dairy; Chamblee United Methodist Church; Clubhouse Atlanta/Freddy Morello; DeKalb County Human Services Department; Ecuadorian Society; Gilly’s Bar; Helping Feed Atlanta/David Skoke; Helping Mamas; Jewish Family & Career Services; MARTA; Rotary Club of Dunwoody/Kobelah Bennah.

Malachi’s Storehouse is an outreach ministry of St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church dedicated to addressing food insecurity in metro Atlanta. For more information, see

Judi Carlson
Director, Malachi’s Storehouse

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