A local Scouts BSA troop and other volunteers helped the Brookhaven Park Conservancy plant a total of 18 trees in Brookhaven Park March 20.

The Brookhaven Park Conservancy, an organization dedicated to improving the park at 4158 Peachtree Road, recently received two grants to support its community tree-planting project, according to a press release. 

Park Pride, an Atlanta nonprofit dedicated to helping local parks, provided $2,500 to the conservancy. The city of Brookhaven provided an additional $3,000 to support the planting, which placed screening trees between the park and an adjoining neighborhood. 

Seven members of Scouts Troop 379 from Dunwoody’s St. Martin’s Episcopal School and four other conservancy volunteers gathered in the park to plant Little Gem magnolias and Green giant thujas.

“Our goal is to create more of a privacy barrier between the backyards of the neighborhood to the west and the park with magnolia and evergreen trees,” said Justin Viens, a conservancy board member and president of landscaping company Southern Gardener. 

Viens applied for both grants, delivered the trees, and dug the holes for the trees in advance of the planting.

Sammie Purcell is Associate Editor at Rough Draft Atlanta.