The Atlanta Police Department Wednesday night released a lengthy statement on the Buckhead cityhood movement.

“We remain committed to our citizens and believe that the City is stronger when we work together and together we will overcome any challenges we face,” said the police department.

APD said the statement was in response to a news story, featuring Bill White, the chairman and CEO of the Buckhead City Committee. The group is spearheading an effort for Buckhead to break away from the city of Atlanta and become its own independent city. One of key issues is the rise in violent crime, White has said.

“The remaining police, I don’t blame them, are looking the other way. They are not going to risk their lives …,” White said in the recent television interview.

APD fired back on the comment and others made during the broadcast.

“APD officers are the backbone of this department and largely responsible for the day-to-day response to 911 calls and patrol duties. While the community is relaxing in the comfort of their homes, our officers are out helping people in crisis and tracking down lawbreakers. To insinuate that we’re looking the other way when it comes to crime is a far-fetched notion,” said the statement from APD.

Amy Wenk was editor of Reporter Newspapers in 2021-22.