Since 2015, the Atlanta-based Art Meso has emerged as a premier, internationally traveling art and fashion exhibition, placing an emphasis on creativity over anything else. “Creating is the fundamental basis to existence,” says founder Jennifer Sutton.  

Through Jan. 2, Art Meso’s Carnaval Couture art and fashion shows take place in Buckhead Village every Tuesday through Sunday. Immersive exhibitions from emerging and established artists and designers from Belgium, Spain, Atlanta, Ohio, Miami, and Amsterdam are on display, along with trunk shows, panel discussions, non-profit benefits, and a marketplace that Sutton calls “A creative combination of pieces creating a medley of selection of Different.”

We asked Sutton for her Top 5 list of things that inspire her:

1. All things different: Of course, I love to shop! I often like to shop with emerging artists and designers because I love unique and hard-to-find things. 

2. All things happy: If you ask me my top 5 “LOVES,” fragrances will always be listed as my favorite things in life. Fragrances always make me happy. It is my immediate dose of Happiness. I change fragrances every season, occasion, day, and night, and just because. My favorite fragrance for fall is the classic Dior Absolutely Blooming. It never fails.

3. All things new: A staple in my wardrobe is a poncho. It’s so versatile and it is the ultimate layering garment. It drapes so perfectly and wears well with just about anything. The poncho is my equivalent to the little black dress.

4. All things inspired: I live in the city, so anytime I want to get in touch with nature I go to Springvale Park Ravine. It is a little hidden secret in the City of Atlanta on Edgewood. This place is magical to me. I can’t explain it, but it allows me to exhale and serves as a dose of inspiration. When you visit this park, you almost forget you’re in the city. 

5. All things creative: What can I say, I’m a child at heart. I love the feeling of nostalgia and imagination. Although I’ve lived half of my adult life without a television — I often think watching too much television is a waste of time — I love watching animation or fantasy-based movies for their creativity and imagination. I’m not quite sure how animation processes into an art exhibition, but it just does. “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” comes to mind as one of my favorites. Both the classic and the Tim Burton versions ignite imagination and creativity every time.

Correction: a previous version of this story incorrectly called an Atlanta park “Springdale Park Ravine.” That has been updated to “Springvale Park Ravine.”

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