Editor’s Note: 2022 certainly promises to be another news-filled year, from a continued fight against COVID-19 to a debate over whether Buckhead should break off from Atlanta. Reporter Newspapers surveyed local leaders to hear what they think will be the biggest issues in the next 12 months. 

Alan Goodman, President & CEO, Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce

As 2022 approaches, my forecast for the new year in Brookhaven is very optimistic!

Our City, just as most municipalities in the State of Georgia, is climbing out of a rough time for both our neighborhoods and businesses, whether small or large, retail, restaurants or commercial. Brookhaven, in my opinion, is ahead of most communities, in that more and more people are deciding on our city, which allows our businesses to attract new clients and tourists and once again continue to flourish. Simply look at the numbers of people who are walking around and driving and doing!

As an intelligent friend of mine states, “Police, parks, and lack of potholes makes ours an attractive place to live and work; add to this formula, the amazing development going on around Children’s Hospital/Emory and a couple of other corridors”…enhancing our appeal even greater. My friend, whom I paraphrase here, is Mr. Joe Gebbia. Joe retired from our City Council after 12 years, but the council has added another strong person who (like the rest of the council including the Mayor) loves this place and will continue to help us grow this city.

The Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce continues to add new members and activities for the new year. To add to the dynamic of the City of Brookhaven, our goal is to build upon our successful projects, encourage and with all Brookhaven businesses. Buy Brookhaven!    

Alan Goodman

Alan Goodman is President & CEO of the Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce.