The suspect in the Hodgepodge robbery caught on surveillance cameras.

Hodgepodge Coffee House in Reynoldstown remains closed after a brazen daytime robbery on Jan. 20, while a GoFundMe account has been set up for an employee whose car was stolen in the incident. The male suspect came into the coffee shop at 720 Moreland Ave. around 5 p.m., brandished a gun, and made off with several hundred dollars from the cash register, employee belongings, and they keys to an employee’s car, which was later discovered to have been stolen. “We’ll be keeping our Reynoldstown location closed while safety initiatives are rolled out by the city, but you can still visit us further down Moreland and in Decatur,” was posted on Hodgepodge’s Facebook account Sunday. The suspect is also believed to behind a robbery that took place earlier this month at the CVS at Boulevard and Highland Avenue

MARTA has been awarded a $970,000 grant from the Federal Transit Administration to conduct a planning study for transit-oriented developments at 12 stations along 15 miles of the Clayton County Southlake bus rapid transit (BRT) line.  The grant will support development of a market analysis and equitable development strategy; a corridor-wide stormwater and resilience strategy; and complete corridor pilot studies along with developing specific small area plans for the corridor’s 12 proposed station areas.    

Hammonds House Museum has announced the beginning of a multi-year reorganization plan which includes a “new leadership structure and a more mission-focused business model,” according to a media statement. The museum board eliminated the executive director position, putting Karen Comer Lowe out of the job she’d held for less than a year. “We have been re-evaluating the museum’s current infrastructure and we are implementing changes,” states Imara Canady, Board President of Hammonds House Museum. “Factors that influenced our decision include the ongoing effects of the global pandemic, the current economic environment, and the challenges being experienced by arts and cultural organizations – especially African American institutions. We can’t continue to operate with a traditional business model because we are not a traditional business. To be relevant and move forward, we must embrace new ideas and innovation.” The museum also closed its doors again due to the COVID-19 surge and cancelled an exhibition of paintings by Donald Locke.

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