As we wrap up Women’s History Month, we wanted to feature another woman making a difference in our community.

Jena McGregor is a senior editor at Forbes, where she leads coverage of the future of work, careers, and corporate leadership issues. Before joining Forbes in 2021, she wrote for the Washington Post’s business desk, writing features and news about the workplace, corporate culture, and management trends.

Check out some of Jena’s recent articles on the future of Starbucks and efforts to improve the pay gap.

An Atlanta native, Jena graduated from the University of Georgia, where she majored in history and journalism. She lives in Decatur with her two children and her husband. Jena shared with us her Top 5 Bakeries she likes to frequent with her family. 👇
There are plenty of other great bakeries in Atlanta, but my favorites became so because of the memories that are tied to them, providing the cakes of my family’s holidays, the treats of my childhood, or the sweets for new traditions with my own children. 
1. Gabriel’s Desserts. My mother started buying cakes from Johnnie Gabriel in the early 90s, when she was still baking them on the side and would deliver them to my mom’s real estate office. Johnnie made my wedding cake back in 2003, and her caramel cake and Italian Cream cake have been on our table at countless family birthdays and holidays.

2. Henri’s. I grew up taking classes at the old Atlanta School of Ballet on Cains Hill Pl., and treats from the Henri’s on Irby Ave. (it’s since moved to an East Andrews Dr. address) were a favorite for my fellow bunheads and me. Their shortbread thumbprint cookies and petit fours are second to none.

3. Star Provisions. When we moved back to Atlanta about four years ago, my sister was living on the Westside, which gave me an excuse to stop for fresh bread from Star Provisions when I went to the other side of town. I have a true weakness for their baguettes and croissants!

4. Alon’s. My nine-year-old daughter loves the macarons there, so a trip to Morningside for cookies or pastries has become a new outing for us.

5.  Just Bakery. Soon after I moved to Decatur, a friend introduced me to Just Bakery, a non-profit that offers paid job training, certification, and a living wage to resettled refugees. I still remember the delicious king cake I bought a few years ago for my son’s birthday, which is in February and usually around Mardi Gras. Writing this reminded me to order from them again!

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