🤧  Atlanta businessman Buford Callaway today announced the launch of the world’s first pollen NFT (non-fungible token). The NFT confers fractional ownership of the record amounts of pollen blanketing large portions of the world’s northern hemisphere, including Atlanta.

A Pollen NFT was launched by an Atlanta businessman on April 1, 2022

The Busy Bee Pollen Club token hit NFT marketplace OpenSea at 12:01 this morning and was an immediate hit.

The floor, or lowest price, for Busy Bee Pollen Club NFTs quickly jumped to 28.3 ETH, implying an $830 million value for the entire 10,000 NFT collection. “That’s nothing to sneeze at,” Callaway said.

“NFTs are the new Beanie Babies. You’ll be able to fund your kids’ education.” 

Not everyone’s happy, though. Critics charge that turning pollen into something that a person can “own” is as unnatural as Chick-fil-A opening on Sunday.

“What’s next?” asked Georgia State University ethicist Areu Seeryus. “Is someone going to issue NFTs of a burnt I-85 bridge and try to sell it to me?”

Callaway encouraged interested investors to decide for themselves

🐝 This story first appeared in the Rough Draft newsletter on April 1, 2022. No bees were harmed in the production of the newsletter.

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