The Perimeter Community Improvement Districts (PCID) could provide up to $15.2 million for 9 Sandy Springs transportation projects that the self-taxing organization has either agreed to fund or is considering, a board member told the City Council.

Pat Chesser, a member of the Fulton-PCID board of directors, said the city and the CID completed an agreement for the construction of a multi-use trail on the south side of Mount Vernon Road from Abernathy to Barfield. He told the council during its May 17 work session that the PCID agreed to contribute $2.85 million for right-of-way acquisition and a construction match.

“Right-of-way acquisition is still underway, being led by the city. The city’s part of that project is from Barfield over to the new memorial park,” he said.

The CID is funding the Barfield to Abernathy segment.

The Perimeter CID is providing $960,000 for a project to improve the Peachtree Dunwoody/Lake Hearn Drive intersection and add a multi-use trail, with the federal government picking up $3.6 million of the project’s cost. (Submitted)

Plans are to wrap up right-of-way work and begin construction in 2023.

“The effort there is to get bikes and pedestrians safely from here, out to the Sandy Springs MARTA Station, so it’d be a huge win,” Chesser said.

The next project would entail intersection improvements at Peachtree Dunwoody Road at Lake Hearn Drive, with the construction of a multi-use trail on the west side of Peachtree Dunwoody from I-285 to Hammond Drive.

“This is an especially good deal for the city in the sense where the CID is contributing $960,000,” he said.

The balance of the project, which Chesser said was approximately $3.6 million, is being funded by the Federal Transportation Administration.

“So this is all fully funded by the PCID and FTA. And it’s free to the city,” he said.

This project allows someone in the hospitals to get on a bike or walk under the interstate up to Hammond and up to Perimeter Center, Chesser said. The goal is to bridge the gap from Hammond up to the Sandy Springs MARTA Station on Abernathy. Aspirational plans call for it to connect to PATH 400, which ultimately will connect to the Beltline, he said.

The PCID is considering providing funding for three TSPLOST II projects that are pending agreements between the city and the PCID. The potential PCID contribution would be a 50/50 share with Sandy Springs.

An estimated $1.4 million might be contributed by the PCID for the Glenridge Drive Trail, which has an estimated $2.8 million cost.

Another top-tier project that might get PCID funding is the Peachtree Dunwoody at Johnson Ferry intersection, which has an estimated total project cost of $3.3 million. The PCID’s share could be $1.65 million.

A second-tier project that might get PCID funding is the Johnson Ferry Trail. The potential PCID contribution of $2 million would match the city, for a total project cost of $4 million.

Future projects within the PCID’s boundaries that might get considered for funding include:

·        Peachtree Dunwoody at Crestline intersection improvements – Construction of an additional left turn lane to create a double left turn lane from northbound Peachtree Dunwoody Road to westbound Crestline Road. PCID estimated contribution: $1.6 million.

·        Glenridge Connector at Johnson Ferry turn lane addition – Construct an additional left turn lane to create a double left turn lane from northbound Glenridge Connector to westbound Johnson Ferry Road. PCID estimated contribution: $410,000.

·        Hammond at Ga 400 turn lane extension – Extend the westbound right turn lane on Hammond to northbound Ga 400. PCID estimated contribution: $ 1.3 million.

·        Peachtree Dunwoody trail – Construct a multi-use trail on the west side of Peachtree Dunwoody Road from Hammond Drive to Mount Vernon Road. PCID estimated contribution: $3.05 million (Design, ROW, & Construction match).

Bob Pepalis covers Sandy Springs for Rough Draft Atlanta and Reporter Newspapers.