Brookhaven has purchased two properties for greenspace.

The Brookhaven City Council approved the purchase of two properties, 1611 and 1621 Johnson Ferry Road, at its June 14 meeting. According to a city spokesperson, the properties have three separate watershed and power easements traveling through or adjacent to them, and the council wanted to lock up greenspace and stormwater controls in the area. 

The council also approved an ordinance to appropriate $1.95 million from the city’s general fund for the purchase of the properties, which total about 13.2 acres of land. The properties were owned by RJP Partners and Majestic Investment Corporation, according to city documents and DeKalb County property records. 

This purchase comes on the heels of the city’s purchase of properties at Tobey Road and Duke Road. During the June 14 meeting, City Manager Christian Sigman said that city staff is expected to provide a presentation on how much greenspace the city has been able to acquire at a future City Council meeting. 

According to the city’s 2014 Comprehensive Park Master Plan, the recommendation for the city is to have eight acres of greenspace per 1,000 residents. According to a city spokesperson, as of 2021 the city’s ratio was at 6.49 acres per 1,000 residents. 

“We’re not there yet,” Sigman said. “But this administration has made significant progress.”

Sammie Purcell is Associate Editor at Rough Draft Atlanta.