🙏 I can’t say this too often: Thank you for helping us build something extraordinary. 

As the news business continues to be shaped by myriad economic and cultural challenges, we know that there is a desire for non-sensational news that fits into our crazy schedules and modern lifestyles. By meeting that need for readers and advertisers, we have become a thriving, locally owned media organization.

Between monthly print papers, daily email newsletters, and our website, our team of professional journalists produces products that reach Atlanta’s most influential and engaged communities multiple times a day, every day of the week. 

📰 In print

Intown, the Reporter papers, and Senior Life are mailed into homes and available at leading local businesses. With a combined circulation of almost 100k every month, these publications are thriving because they are printed on high-quality newsprint, which gives readers and marketers an engaging product that’s brought into homes and shared throughout the month.

📈 But, like almost everything these days, producing a print edition is getting more expensive. Paper mills around the world are closing, and the price of paper has increased dramatically this year.

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📩 Newsletters + digital 

Growing up, my house got four newspapers delivered every day. That was how we got our news in the morning; and, in those days, also in the afternoon. 

As noted above, for many reasons, that model no longer works.

And that’s OK, because morning newsletters like Rough Draft have become the new daily paper; products that fit the modern world and meet readers where they are. 

We work very hard to make sure we are in your inbox each weekday with a clever, curated, and concise product that will help you be more informed and more interesting as you go about your day. 

🪀 Many of you are now getting our weekly art and food newsletters, Sketchbook and Side Dish. 

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Here are a few ways you can get more involved, which allows for increased investment in locally owned local journalism.  

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Keith Pepper

Keith Pepper is the publisher of Reporter Newspapers, Atlanta Intown, and Atlanta Senior Life.