Artist Shane Morton in front of his haunted house, photographs by Isadora Pennington

The front yard and driveway of a house on Rehoboth Drive in Decatur have been slowly transforming into a creeptastic spookshow. Owned by artist Shane Morton and actress Madeline Brumby, the house gets awfully haunted around Halloween. Now in its third year, this installation bridges the gap between festivity and art. Over the week or so leading up to the holiday weekend Morton and a team of fellow artists, friends, and neighbors are hard at work. I stopped by last night and got a sneak peek of the build out as they push to finish before the weekend’s festivities. 

The elaborate set is constructed with maze-like walls, flying ghosts, blacklights, 3D paintings with requisite 3D glasses, and even actors ready to up the ante. For the past three years, this free event has brought spooky fun to children and horror lovers of all ages. 

“When we first came here and did the haunt it was still during COVID. We had plastic shields on everything, and people told us ‘this is the best thing that happened to me all year,’” explained Morton. The haunted house bridges the gap between holiday festivity and interactive art exhibit, featuring an array of hand-painted artwork that comes to life after dark. “It is so much fun that I was just like, unless there’s a really big show I don’t want to book anything during October. We are going to keep Halloween going.”

Morton, a renowned special effects artist and all around creative genius, has been involved with the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade for about 30 years. He helps to organize the event and is responsible for the Monster Hunt as well as many of the t-shirt and flyer designs for the event. Some of Morton’s career highlights include working as an art director and special effects artist on Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell for Adult Swim, Horror Host at Silver Scream Spook Show, and Co-Creator of the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse. 

Meanwhile Brumby, Morton’s wife, brings expertise in acting and improv that has made her a mainstay in the cast of Silver Scream Spookshow and on stage at Dad’s Garage. Together, the two are a spooky dream team: their partnership enables them to make big dreams come true. Dreams like this next level haunted house. 

Brumby and Morton, photographed by Featherstone Photography

Composed of a mix of original artworks, props from films, and set pieces made for past productions, the construction of the haunted house is impressive and powerful. And for Morton and Brumby, it’s a gift to the community. They devote hours of their time, money, and their very driveway to bringing Halloween magic to life. 

Want to stop by and see it for yourself? Swing by 3209 Rehoboth Drive on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, Oct 29 through 31. It’s free, suitable for all ages, and a truly unique way to celebrate the spookiest holiday.

Isadora Pennington

Isadora Pennington is a freelance writer and photographer based in Atlanta. She is the editor of Sketchbook by Rough Draft, a weekly Arts newsletter.