Families can volunteer to help wrap gifts in addition to adopting families or donating so Solidarity team members can buy the presents. (Solidarity Sandy Springs)

Solidarity Sandy Springs Secret Santa returns for the holiday season to provide a special Christmas morning to children living in the community.

 The generosity of real estate investment firm Jamestown brings Santa’s Workshop by Solidarity to the former Office Depot located at 5934 Roswell Road in the Whole Foods Shopping Center. Drop-off weekend will be Dec. 9-11, according to a release.

Families, friends, companies and other organizations can adopt a family online. Solidarity has collected clothing sizes, and favorite colors, and asked what items the children would love to wake up to on Christmas morning.

Anyone who wants to help but is unable to go shopping can make a donation and a Solidarity team member will do the shopping for the family.

Solidarity suggested a minimum of $50 per child and a maximum of $100. For children who asked for more expensive presents, a gift card is suggested to help the child save for the item.

Though many families have been selected by community members, many more remain unfilled and can be found by scrolling through the entire list of families. A few examples included:

  • Family #393 with seven children, Litzy (14-year-old girl), Yatziry (11-year-old girl), Junior (7-year-old boy), Sammy (4-year-old girl), Jacob (6-year-old boy), Daniel (4-year-old boy), Maria (6-year-old girl)
  • Family #397, with three children, Isis (12-year-old girl), Osiris (11-year-old boy), Logan (7-year-old boy)
  • Family #398, also with three children, Lilibet (15-year-old girl), Alondra (14-year-old girl), Stephanie (16-year-old girl)

Donors are asked to drop off presents, wrapped or unwrapped, in a bag or container that the pantry can keep with the family number displayed prominently. Smaller bags inside should contain each child’s gifts clearly labeled with their name and family number. The gifts should be dropped off at the former Office Depot at 5934 Roswell Road, known this year as Solidarity’s Christmas Workshop.

Drop off dates are:

  • Friday, Dec. 9: 3–8 p.m.
  • Saturday, Dec. 10: 10:30 a.m.–6 p.m.

For community members wanting to become a “wrapping elf” or help with receiving and distributing gifts, sign up online at the Solidarity website.

Bob Pepalis

Bob Pepalis covers Sandy Springs for Rough Draft Atlanta and Reporter Newspapers.