The Sandy Springs Police Department’s River Patrol Unit will be on the Chattahoochee River starting Memorial Day weekend. (SSPD)

The Sandy Springs Police Department has transformed its River Rescue Unit into a River Patrol Unit on the Chattahoochee between Island Ford and The Palisades.

The newly formed unit will begin its patrols over Memorial Day Weekend to enforce Georgia laws and Sandy Springs ordinances, according to an SSPD spokesperson. The goal will be to deter any criminal activity on the river and the immediate surrounding areas inside the city limits.

The River Patrol Unit also wants to reduce the number of drownings and educate local swimmers, floaters, and boaters on the best safety practices all while enjoying their time on the river.

SSPD has 11 members on the team consisting of two sergeants and nine officers. The Sandy Springs Fire Department continues to operate the River Rescue Unit for the city.

Bob Pepalis covers Sandy Springs for Rough Draft Atlanta and Reporter Newspapers.