The cottage at Lost Corner Preserve is available for rental. Other amenities include a community garden and trails on the property of the small park. (Bob Pepalis)

Sandy Springs renewed its agreement with the Friends of Lost Corner for another five years to allow it to continue the leadership and technical assistance on community projects at the park on Brandon Mill Road.

“They were awarded a memorandum of understanding in 2013 to provide leadership and provide mentoring to our staff to help us work through the design of that property, as well as the ongoing maintenance, supporting volunteer programs and all that goes into that,” Recreation Director Mike Perry said.

The Friends group has participated in funding initiatives that included grant awards from the Georgia Soil and Water Conservations District, the Alyssum Garden Club, and Dunwoody Women’s Club, Perry said. In addition, its members have contributed guidance to community projects ranging from bee colonization, corporate volunteer days, and BSA Eagle Scout projects.

The city council approved the third five-year agreement with the Friends during its June 20 meeting.

“That is one of the really great gems of the city of Sandy Springs and thank God it was preserved,” Councilmember Tibby DeJulio said.

He asked that the Recreation Department consider making the cottage at Lost Corner Preserve more suitable for events, including the installation of a refrigerator.

“I think there’s probably some basic things we could do there was not for not too much money that would enhance the services to the citizens of Sandy Springs,” DeJulio said.

Bob Pepalis covers Sandy Springs for Rough Draft Atlanta and Reporter Newspapers.