Barry Goldin, a resident in the Powers Ferry area at One River Place, shares his transportation concerns during the public information meeting on Aug. 14. (Bob Pepalis)

An Aug. 14 public information meeting was attended by 70 residents concerned about transportation in the Powers Ferry area of Sandy Springs.

A total of 277 residents had already offered their ideas and concerns using an online survey as of 12:30 p.m. on Aug. 15, according to Sandy Springs Community Relations Manager Dan Coffer.

“What we’re trying to do here is look at all transportation issues within the Powers Ferry area, mostly focused on Powers Ferry Road, Interstate North Parkway, Northside Drive and New Northside Drive,” Caitlin Shankle, senior transportation planner for Sandy Springs, said during the meeting.

She said the information meeting’s purpose was to hear about safety issues and where residents would like to walk, bike, or take transit.

The online survey is available through the city’s Powers Ferry Transportation Study web page until Aug. 22.

Barry Goldin, a homeowner in the One River Place subdivision, said it was great that the city asked for input.

“They’re showing us, ‘Hey, these are the concerns we have. What’s important to you?’” he said.

The city asked questions that included where residents were trying to go and if they wanted wider sidewalks.

The study and survey also focus on Northside Drive and New Northside Drive.

“Currently they’re one-way operations, but what would that look like if we actually added bike infrastructure or sidewalks and maybe make them two-way?” Shankle proposed.

The city presented a concept for more bus transit, which could get more cars off the road.

“If the transit went to The Battery, maybe people will use it right now,” Goldin commented but said people don’t want to use MARTA stations. “I’ve never in my 12 years living in Atlanta been able to take the train to my work, to my appointments, to my job. It’s just, it never went where I was going.”

Goldin said residents weren’t talking about expanding MARTA to the Powers Ferry area, but instead adding what makes sense. That could include transit to City Springs, which isn’t directly accessible by bus now.

Sandy Springs City Councilmember Andy Bauman, whose district includes the Powers Ferry area, attended the meeting and fielded questions from local residents.

“What’s fantastic about this area is its connectivity to the river. And for me, a priority has always been walking and bike connectivity, and safely getting people from where they live, and some from where they work, down to the river,” Bauman said.

Bob Pepalis covers Sandy Springs for Rough Draft Atlanta and Reporter Newspapers.