Participants in baseball and softball in the Sandy Springs Youth Sports at Morgan Falls Athletic Field will be playing in Braves Country as the Major League Baseball organization launches league and tournament play starting in March 2024. (Jason Bellamy/SSYS)

Morgan Falls Athletic Complex in Sandy Springs will soon be part of Braves Country.

In March 2024, the Atlanta Braves will launch Braves Country Baseball and Softball, a youth organization that will provide league and all-star tournament play for children 5-12 years old.

Sandy Springs Youth Sports is one of 15 metro Atlanta youth sports organizations already set to participate, along with the Alabama Recreation and Parks Association, which represents 92 parks across that state.

Braves Country Baseball and Softball will consist of spring season league play, according to a release from the Braves organization. Children will have a chance to represent their local communities in district, regional, and state tournaments.

The Braves Country Championships will be held at the end of June and champions will be crowned in each age group in baseball and softball.

‘Our youth sports will be one of the first organizations to come out of what’s called Braves Country Youth Baseball,” Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul said at a recent city council meeting. “And they will sponsor regional championships district championships and ultimately, the championships for the region.”

The Championships will be held at Truist Park, giving kids an opportunity to play ball on a major league field, he said.

The association with the Atlanta Braves will help bring confidence and swagger to Morgan Falls, said Colan Wheat, president of Sandy Springs Youth Sports.

“As you know, there is no bigger brand in professional sports across the Southeast than the Atlanta Braves. And bringing Braves Country closer to our youth should help create more excitement and trust in our youth sports programs,” he said.

The connection of being part of Braves Country creates a desire and connection to the game of baseball and the Braves franchise, Wheat said.

Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul represented the city and Sandy Springs Youth Sports as the Atlanta Braves recognized organizations participating in the Braves Country Baseball and Softball program that launches next spring. (SSYS)

Bob Pepalis covers Sandy Springs for Rough Draft Atlanta and Reporter Newspapers.