The BronzeLens Film Festival is running Aug. 23-27 in person and starts virtually Aug. 28.

The nominees for the 14th Annual BronzeLens Film Festival are in. 

The Atlanta-based film festival was founded in 2009 and aims to promote work from filmmakers of color. This year’s festival will be held in person Aug. 23-27 and virtually starting on Aug. 28. 

The festival announced the nominees for multiple categories via email on Aug. 11. The winners will be announced at the BronzeLens Awards Show on Aug. 27. A full list of nominees can be found below. 

Best Documentary

“Wade in the Water: A Journey Into Black Surfing and Aquatic Culture” (Directed by David Mesfin)

“King of Kings: Chasing Edward Jones” (Directed by Harriet Marin Jones)

“Move When the Spirit Says Move: The Legacy of Dorothy Foreman Cotton” (Directed by Ry Ferro, Deborah C. Hoard)

“Who in Da Mornin” (Directed by Philip H. Williamson Jr., Jonathan Isaac Jackson)

“Gaining Ground: The Fight for Black Land” (Directed by Eternal Polk)

Best Short Documentary

“Conducting Life” (Directed by Diane Moore)

“Descended: The Fight for Harris Neck” (Directed by Luke Humphlett)

“John Leguizamo Live at Rikers” (Directed by Elena Francesca Engel)

“OnBoard” (Directed by Deborah Riley Draper)

“A Clean Slate” (Directed by Tran Hoang Calvin)

Best Dance

“Formula” (Directed by Yue Zhu)

“I(N)FINITE” (Directed by Alimzhan Sabir)

“Next” (Directed by Ashley Lindsey)

“Atali’i O Le Crezent (Sons of the Crezent)” (Directed by Brendan Canty)

“S H A D E S” (Directed by Esosa Oviasu)

Best Music Video

“Here You Go Again” – Yasmina (Directed by Jivensley Alexis, Reece Daniels)

“The Light” – Lunarcode (Directed by Vincenzo Carubia)

“Justice” – Marck Angel (Directed by R.E.D., Marck Angel)

“Timeless” – Nsimbi (Directed by Matege “Pest” Rogers)

Best Feature Film

“Latasha Harlins” (Directed by Shannon Dion)

“The Aquatics” (Directed by Emmbre Perry)

“Trap City” (Directed by Tel Ganesan)

“The Song of the Rifles (Le Chant Des Fusils)” (Directed by Jean Elliot Ilboudo)

Best Student Film

“Black Magic” (Directed by Cristin Stephens)

“Cuffed” (Directed by Parker Caston)

“Imprint” (Directed by Jasmine Je’toi Williams)

“Instant Noodle” (Directed by Michelle Sastraatmadja)

“The Fire of a Firefly ((El brillo de la luciérnaga)” (Directed by Augusto Reyes)

“Love Taps” (Directed by Derrick Woodyard)

“TikTok Challenged” (Directed by Ivan Rome)

Best Web Series

“The Table” (Directed by Caralene Robinson)

“Tokens” (Directed by Winnifred Jong)

“A Version” (Directed by Asad Farooqui)

Best Actress

Jo Martin – “My Jerome (Mai Jeruom)”

MaYaa Boateng – “Reunion” 

Daijah Peters – “Latasha Harlins”

Aries Sanders – “Jerome”

Daniela Griffin – “Etto”

Idella Johnson – “Benediction”

Best Actor

David Harewood – “Man to Man”

John Leguizamo – “John Leguizamo Live at Rikers”

Elias Ferguson – “Jerome”

Sanou Titiama – “Song of the Rifles (Le Chant Des Fusils)”

Marchant Davis – “Incomplete”

Best Short

“Boy With Angel Wings” (Directed by Frantzy Moreau)

“As the Cookie Crumbles” (Directed by Aimiende Negbenebor Sela)

“Ricky” (Directed by Rashad Frett)

“Speak Up Brotha!’” (Directed by Wes Andre Goodrich)

“Port of a Prince” (Directed by JR Aristide)

“The Kill Floor” (Directed by Carlos Avila)

The Andrew Young  Cinema and Social Justice Award 

“Move When the Spirit Says Move: The Legacy of Dorothy Foreman Cotton” (Directed by Ry Ferro, Deborah C. Hoard)

“Shape the Culture: Then & Now” (Directed by Jordyn O. Hudson, Bruce L. Nix, Jr.)

A list of all the films playing at the festival along with tickets can be found online.

Sammie Purcell is Associate Editor at Rough Draft Atlanta.