To the editor:

There are no food stores on Piedmont. Disco Kroger is the only store on Peachtree/Piedmont but when you go south on Piedmont, you don’t hit another supermarket until you get to Ansley Mall and then you have to go over to Monroe to get there.

For years I have been trying to get this addressed, calling the (Buckhead) Coalition, developers, city planners and even my city council. Nothing. I then resorted to calling corporate offices of the food chains. Whole foods was the only one that was interested enough to send researches to this area and now we have a Whole Foods but, of course, it is on West Paces just off Peachtree.

All Buckhead food shopping is on Peachtree creating unnecessary additional traffic for that road. With all this building being done on Piedmont, surely the residents there would like a food store on their street.

I am hoping that your paper can do a little investigating on this or know the powers that be that can address this problem.

Alba Leone

Buckhead Forest

Alba Leone is correct that there are not many food stores on Piedmont Road. However, she did overlook the super Target at Lindbergh Plaza shopping center, which has a substantial food store within.