The Mayor’s Youth Program, in partnership with the Atlanta Police Department (APD), is preparing high school seniors early for careers within the police department.

The Police Cadet program prepares young students for law enforcement with physical and character-building workshops. Since the program was implemented three years ago, 24 Atlanta youths have participated in the program and two (2) are currently employed as APD police officer assistants (POA).

Cadets are trained in departments as

diverse as zone command, identification

and communications. Physical capability components require cadets to complete

a half-mile run and an obstacle course carrying a 125 pound “dummy”, then lifting it over a 6 foot wall.

Character-building is core to the program, says Atlanta Police Officer Milton Dodson, who oversees the cadets. “Cadets are subject to a more rigid standard of conduct than their peers. This program emphasizes character development and trains them to use ethical judgment. They learn quickly that only the higher standard of behavior is acceptable,” said Dodson.

Daniel Horne, a police cadet and senior at Washington High School, said: “I am thinking about serving in the military and then becoming a police officer. This opportunity has given me an excellent perspective on the training that recruits receive.”

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