To the editor:

As an owner/ resident of the Arborgate (not Arbor Gate) condominium community for 22 years, I am expressing my dismay at the front page article you published in the “Buckhead Reporter”. I have no conclusive data as to who was behind this, though I have a good idea.

I feel this grossly misrepresents the environment here at Arborgate. For the most part, these buildings are well constructed and a majority of homeowners have remodeled the interiors to beautiful results. There will always be problems in buildings – whether 100 years old or 1 year old. My feeling is we have a good community in a desirable area of Atlanta and with well-maintained buildings.

This article based on only a few of the 122 owners here gives a very incorrect view to prospective buyers, realtors, etc. Perhaps a better approach would have been to also include interviews with other property owners.

Dee Gunnersen

120 Biscayne Dr.