First, I have enjoyed the Buckhead Reporter newspaper. I always read it with interest. Concerning the article about NPU-B discussion concerning “historic” house demolition a correction: This neighborhood is not Garden Hills but Peachtree Heights East between Lindbergh and East Wesley. The road was Lakeview, instead of Lakeside…second time I’ve noticed these two errors in publication.

This board, or at least some individual, did not know anything about this historic house being demolished? We as property owners count on our neighborhood boards and would certainly assume this information to be available and addressed. My second comment is there doesn’t seem to be much of a “plan” for development, particularly relating to percentage of hard surface areas to greenspace for new homes. The real estate agents on duty say families aren’t interested because of an absence of yards for children. These houses stay vacant and unsold. Is this better than “projects” sitting potentially with vacancies, as stated by Anthony Nievera, NPU-B zoning chair?

Why was the board “evicted” from Second Ponce De Leon Church?”

Jean Lyon

Peachtree Heights East

Editor’s note: Both corrections are duly noted. It was referred to at NPU-B as being in Garden Hills. As for Lakeside, for some reason I always mix up the two roads that intersect there, Lakeview and Parkside, and thus end up with Lakeside. Sorry about that.