Editor’s Notes
John F. Schaffner

As we close in on the end of 2007 and near the end of our first year of publishing the Buckhead Reporter, it is time to reflect on the greatest gift I have received during the year and to reflect on resolutions for the New Year.

Quite simply, the reason I still get excited about what I am doing everyday that I come to work is that I thoroughly enjoy covering the people and the issues of city—real people, neighbors and the things about which they are passionate. That is my greatest gift.

Hopefully, what we write about directly affects you in your homes, your neighborhoods, your business or the organizations to which you belong and to others in the community to whom you relate.

Many of you have told us you “love” our newspaper and we sincerely appreciate that. Our resolution for the new year is to do an even better job being your primary source of local news and features, your voice to your neighbors and maybe a bit more of a conscience for the community.

But, we rely on you to help us better serve you. Talk to us; we want to hear your ideas and opinions.

You are a journalist’s greatest gift.