The following information was provided to the Reporter by the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


200 block of Northwood Dr., 30342 – A man reported that “while minding his own business and enjoying an alcoholic beverage” a man walked up, grabbed him and struck him in the nose with his knee.

Road Rage

A man reported he was on GA 400 just after 10 a.m. He was southbound passing the Glenridge Connector. He was on his cell phone. A man in a Chevrolet Blazer pulled up alongside and a man pointed a gun at him. The gun was described as a nickel .38 or .357. The victim braked and then got the tag. It came back to a person in Lizella, GA. The case is being investigated.


20 block of Cedar Run, 30350 – A woman said while she was walking back from the store to her apartment just after 1 a.m., she was approached by three Hispanic men who robbed her of the contents in her purse including $30, a credit card and her driver’s license.

100 block of Northwood Dr., 30342 – A man said he was approached by two black males and a black female who asked to use his cell phone. One of the men then hit the victim in the head and they took his wallet that contained $1,500. The men got into a blue Toyota, later found abandoned in the 300 block of Winding River Dr. The car is registered to a man in Roswell, GA.


500 block of Huntcliff Court, 30350 – Apartment burglary / door kicker / $1,100 in items were taken.

1000 block of Johnson Ferry Rd., 30342 – Someone entered a business office and took four laptop computers. There was no forced entry.

8000 block of Carroll Manor Dr., 30350 – About $500 in copper piping was taken from a construction area.

100 block of Windridge Dr., 30350 – Someone forced entry into the victim’s apartment however they apparently did not take anything.

10 block of Cedar Run, 30350 – Someone attempted to break into an apartment. The victim found pry marks on the door where someone tried to get in.

2700 block of Monterrey Pkwy, 30350 – The victim said someone took two laptops and a DVD player. No forced entry.

200 block of Colewood Way, 30328 – The victim said someone entered their home and took about $10,000 in appliances and other items. The house is on the market and the realtor said the house was shown to a man described as white male, 30’s, clean cut, 6-0”, brown hair wearing work boots and who drove a truck. The man refused to give his name to the realtor (BIG CLUE?). There was no forced entry. *One way to at least have a chance to ID someone in this scenario is if they don’t want to give their name, get the tag number.


1000 block of Mt. Vernon Hwy, 30328 – A member of the LA Fitness reported that while he was working out, someone went into his locked locker and stole his pants containing his wallet. In his wallet was $900 cash a $15,000 check, his credit cards and debit cards. *You know what I’m going to say here right? Nine-Hundred bucks? Fifteen-Thousand dollar check?

100 block of Chemin De Vie, 30342 – Several pieces of landscaping equipment were taken from a landscaping truck. The victim said that a car pulled up and a black male got out, cut the chains securing the equipment and then took it, got into a newer model sky-blue Mercury. The suspect was wearing a red and white shirt.

Forgery and ID Thefts

3000 block of River Exchange Dr., 30328 – Someone used the victim’s name and Social Security number to open a Sprint phone account. The bill was just over $1,800 when she found out.

5000 block of Spring Creek Dr., 30350 – The victim wrote a check to Ford Credit. She put it in the mailbox. Later she found out that someone took the check and changed “Ford Credit” to Frank Creditorian” and then deposited it into another bank account to a female named Harris.

5000 block of Glenridge Dr., 30342 – Someone used the victim’s name and personal information to make and cash fake checks in another state.


200 block of Johnson Ferry Rd., 30328 – A 14-year old juvenile was arrested at the Target Store after he took two pairs of Philips headphones valued at just under $50.

200 block of Johnson Ferry Rd., 30328 – Ricardo Garcia-Lozano, 19, of Lenox Road in Atlanta was arrested at the Target Store after he took a CD player and stuffed it down his pants. He stole a couple of CD’s that he stuffed in his back pant’s pocket. *The poor guy probably looked like he was wearing a giant box in his pants.