By John Schaffner

DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis and Dist. 2 Commissioner Jeff Rader announced Sept. 8 the formation of the county’s new senior task force, Lifelong DeKalb.

The task force, made up of community members and professionals sensitive to the needs of seniors, will focus on ensuring equitable access and optimal delivery of services to them.

“Seniors are an integral part of our community and we have an utmost responsibility to care for those who are aging in our county,” Ellis said. “Our administration is committed to maintaining services and creating new innovative opportunities geared towards our seniors.”

The task force is based on recommendations from the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Lifelong Communities initiative, which works with partners around the state to help communities meet the needs of its residents throughout their lifetimes. The initiative focuses on promoting housing and transportation options, encouraging healthy lifestyles and expanding information and access to services in the community.

“People across our community should be accommodated at all stages of their lives,” said Rader, who chairs the committee. “We want people to feel DeKalb serves them as well at 62 as it did when they were 22, and the task force will enable us to do that.”

The Lifelong DeKalb task force consists of steering and technical advisory committees.

Members of the steering committee, who are appointed for two years, are senior volunteers who will serve in an advisory capacity. Committee members are Ellen Clymer, Carleen Cumberbatch, Alma Dowdakin, Evelyn Johnson, Bev Warner, Chris Valley and Harvey Nation.

The technical advisory committee members include: Karen Harvell, Jewish Family and Career Services; Carolyn Rader, Atlanta Regional Commission; Chaiwon Kim, The Center for Pan Asian Community Services; Almas Akalewold, Clarkston Community Center; Karl Williams, DeKalb Human Development; Chris Morris, DeKalb Community Block Grant, and Revonda Moody, DeKalb Parks and Recreation Department