Atlanta’s Department of Public Works has a plan to enhance the on-street public parking experience for those who obey the law but punish those who continue to break the law.
Vehicles illegally parked in the public-right-of-way may be subject to booting and/or towing.  Vehicles with three or more outstanding unpaid parking fines are considered eligible for boot and/or tow.  
PARKatlanta is responsible for the enforcement of parking-related regulations on behalf of the city, including maintenance of parking meters and regulatory signage; parking meter collections; on-street parking and right-of-way regulation enforcement; parking citation processing and delinquent collection services; and vehicle booting and towing services.
Registered owners of boot-eligible vehicles began receiving notices by mail in November  informing them of their boot-eligible status. This notice was in addition to prior notices sent regarding each specific parking violation, which alerted owners of all prior violations and amounts owed to the city.
Prior notices have also included detailed instructions for paying by cash, check, credit card, or debit card either by mail, phone, in-person, or online. Only after a grace period of an additional thirty (30) days following the date the boot eligibility notice is sent does a vehicle become “boot eligible.”
When a boot eligible vehicle is identified, a boot will be attached to a tire on the vehicle which will prevent the vehicle from being driven. Parking boots can only be removed by PARKatlanta personnel upon payment of all outstanding fines and fees associated with the vehicle, as well as a $50.00 boot removal fee.
If all fines and fees are not paid within 24hours of immobilization, vehicles will be towed to the PARKatlanta impound facility. In this event, towing, and storage fees will apply.
For fastest service, payments can be accepted by phone, online, or in-person. Phone payments are accepted using a secure, automated payment menu at (888) 266-1360. On-line payments can be made at and clicking on the “Parking Tickets” link.
In-person payments are accepted at the Municipal Court of Atlanta, 150 Garnett Street S.W., between the hours of 7:30am-5:30pm Monday–Thursday.