At a March 16 meeting, the Sandy Springs City Council considered revising the Sidewalk Master Policy that was adopted in February 2008 to include a new neighborhood access program.

The program would provide a separate annual budget allotment ($100,000 in the 2010 budget) for small-scale sidewalk projects that provide neighborhood access to pedestrian destinations on a first-come, first-served basis.

City Council favored the program and should soon approve the policy revision that was spurred by new Dist. 3 Councilman Chip Collins. At a March 2 meeting, Collins proposed just over 800 feet of sidewalks be built on the west side of Riverside Drive, between Edgewater and old Riverside drives, to provide residents in the Riverside neighborhood a direct route to the swim and tennis facilities at The Riverside Club.

In the discussions, City Council identified a need for a program that allows quick response to projects that provide necessary, short segments of sidewalks from residential areas to places like parks, schools, playgrounds and community centers.

Qualifications for the new sidewalk program include that a project must not cost more than $50,000; must not require right-of-way or easement acquisition; and must be located on a street classified as a collector or higher.

Citizens will initiate projects by written request to the Department of Public Works.