Fulton County Commissioner Robb Pitts announced April 21 that he will seek re-election to the District 2 At-Large post which he presently holds on the commission.

“I have decided to seek re-election and remain fully engaged in the business of improving Fulton County,” Pitts stated. “Much remains to be done to ensure that our county not only survives but actually improves and thrives as we navigate the difficult waters of the economic recession still affecting our nation.”

A diverse group of 33 business and community leaders have signed on as co-chairs of Commissioner Pitts’ Finance Committee.

The re-election campaign will officially kick off with a fundraising event scheduled for Saturday, May 1.  Numerous other campaign events are being planned across Fulton.

“Serving the people of Fulton County is an honor and a privilege that must be earned continually,” Pitts said.  “First, it must be earned with a positive performance in office and second with a campaign that brings to all constituents not just a solid record of accomplishments, but also fresh ideas for the future.”

The two-term commissioner added.  “Our campaign will bring to the voters ideas and proposals to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of county government, enhance the safety and security of our citizens, encourage managed growth and advance even more our quality of life.”

-John Schaffner