To the editor:

I read your recent commentary regarding a common gathering place for Brookhaven and was disappointed that there were few references to gathering places on the east side of Peachtree Road. Over the last five years, the restaurants and shops along Dresden Drive (Village Place) have become the focal point for the surrounding neighborhoods of Ashford Park, Drew Valley and Brookhaven Fields.

In referencing parks and potential gathering places, your commentary did not mention another large park east of Peachtree and also situated in Brookhaven: Briarwood Recreation Center. That park is also driven past daily with little-to-no notice from the passing cars.

Letter to the Editor

Over the last two years, neighbors and other interested parties have begun working with commissioners Rader and Gannon and the parks department to develop a revitalization plan for Briarwood. So far, those efforts and attention have only resulted in Band-Aid fixes to the building, with little other improvements.

I am concerned that Brookhaven Park, being located to the more affluent side of the community, may end up being addressed first while Briarwood’s 40-plus-year-old building continues to deteriorate and the invasive plants continue to overgrow the property.

As far as suggestions to facilitate improvements and gathering places within the community, your paper’s continued focus on the parks (on both sides of Peachtree) is appreciated and I hope that the continuing focus will ultimately lead to improving all of the parks in Brookhaven.

I recently met with Ayanna Williams from Park Pride at Briarwood Park to learn more about the guidance that Park Pride can offer neighborhood groups who want to adopt a park. I intend to circulate a summary of the meeting to my neighborhood, Drew Valley, very soon in the hope that we can organize a group and focus on some areas for immediate improvement (e.g. playground relocation and sidewalk) and longer term needs.

Robert H. Turner III