Mount Vernon Presbyterian School plans to open a new 10-classroom middle school building when classes begin Aug. 24.

The two-story building, built from modular units, such as the one shown here, will include wireless Internet connections and interactive, computer- and Internet-linked boards, called “smart boards,” in classrooms, said Head of School Brett Jacobsen.

The building will house classes for the 130 seventh and eighth graders at the school. Their classes have been held in the upper school building. “We’re separating the middle school from the upper school in a physical space,” Jacobsen said.

Jacobsen said the eighth-grade class, with about 80 students, is the largest class in the school. The new building will allow the school to reduce scheduling conflicts for existing rooms.

The school’s master construction plan calls for the building to be replaced eventually with a permanent middle school building.

–Joe Earle