• Molly Nicholson, senior
  • Dunwoody High School
Molly Nicholson
Molly Nicholson

Dunwoody High School senior Molly Nicholson always has things going on.

“Maybe too many,” she says.

She’s editor-in-chief of her school yearbook, Chrysalis; vice president of the school’s National Honors Society chaper; treasurer of her senior class cabinet; and member of several academic clubs, including National English Honors Society and National German Honors Society. It’s a wonder Molly manages to be so involved without losing her cool.

“I try to categorize and take one thing at a time,” Molly said. “I make lists constantly, though, and have been known to wake up in the middle of the night and send a text message of worry to my fellow yearbook editor.”

Molly, who has been a member on the yearbook staff since her sophomore year, was elected editor-in-chief last year. She describes the position as “equally stressful and rewarding.”

“I like being able to know a little about everything important in the school,” Molly said, “but it can be stressful finding the balance of trust and direction, especially when it’s different for every person and every situation.”

Molly’s diligence and attention to detail paid off at annual scholastic conferences. Every yearbook Molly had a hand in has ranked nationally at Columbia Scholastic Press Association. The 2010 yearbook won the “General Excellence” award in its state division at Georgia Scholastic Press Association.

Molly’s involvement in journalism was initially inspired by her love for writing. As early as second grade, Molly wrote short stories.

Also at a young age, Molly developed a natural fascination with history. Through yearbook, she found a creative way to incorporate her two favorite subjects.

“I love every aspect of the nine-month process of creating a history book that is still hopefully interesting enough to spark emotion,” Molly said.

As an officer of the student government association, Molly puts significant emphasis on being loyal and supportive of her school. She credits “the students, the teachers, and the diamond-in-the-rough reputation that DHS has” as reasons to keep school spirit alive both within the school and in the community.

“When I am not working behind the scenes, you can bet that I’m supporting in the stands,” Molly said. “Being able to chant ‘Free Education’ as our team crushed Marist during our homecoming was truly one of the highlights of my year, one of the quintessential high school moments that I’ll always remember.”

What’s Next:

Although Molly is undecided in her major, she has narrowed her list of schools to the University of Georgia, George Mason University, and a couple of others in eastern states.

She contemplates a career in teaching. “I have had great teachers who have made such an impact on my life,” Molly said. “It would be fantastic to have that opportunity to be such an influence.”

–Abby Kron