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Evan Harms
Evan Harms

Evan Harms is no stranger to the spotlight. As an actor, singer, filmmaker and senior class president at the Lovett School, Evan is not afraid to take on the responsibilities that come with being a leading man.

Evan found seemingly instant success in acting. In sixth grade, he was cast as the lead role in his first play, Ming Lee and The Magic Tree. Since then, Evan has attained significant roles in all of Lovett’s theater productions, including Cinderella, The Music Man, and Oklahoma!

In Oklahoma!, Evan played the flirty, adventurous Will Parker, a role that inspired his love for acting.

“Will was the most fun role I could have possibly ever played,” he said, “The experience helped me realize that I not only have an aptitude for acting, but I really do love it.”

Two years before Evan picked up his first script, he was already a member of Lovett’s Lower School choir. Evan decided to pursue singing when he saw his older brothers, Adam and Ryan, become involved.

“I wanted to pursue an art,” Evan said, “and, like my brothers, I opted to sing rather than play an instrument.”

Since he was 15, he has taken biweekly vocal lessons to improve his singing skills. His dedication certainly paid off when he was accepted into the Lovett Singers, the Lovett choral program’s flagship choir.

Already a natural talent on stage, Evan decided to test his skills in film production.

“I have always loved the editing process and post production of the filmmaking process,” Evan said. “I love taking what I have available to use and perfecting it to tell a cohesive and impressive story.”

Although film production is a more recent pursuit for him, it has become one of his chief interests and priorities. Currently, Evan is writing, producing, and directing a short film for the Lovett film festival, which screens short films submitted by high school students from around the world.

“I look forward to the ability to say that I made a film, rather than played a role in a show,” said Evan, discussing the difference between producing and acting. “I appreciate the overarching creative influence that comes with directing and producing over acting.”

In addition to his creative pursuits, Evan maintains his academic and leadership responsibilities.

An A student, Evan shows as much dedication to his schoolwork as he does his arts. Evan names mathematics his favorite subject.

“I enjoy math because of its objectivity and continuity throughout my academic years,” Evan said.

As senior class president, Evan is responsible for planning and executing senior events at Lovett. He takes his leadership a step further as a member of the Lovett Ultras, a group of students who use instruments and chants to boost crowd participation and overall spirit at athletic events.

“The Ultras influence on the Lovett community has been tremendous,” Evan said. “We are in it for the long run, to continue to change and redefine spirit, not only at Lovett, but at high schools all around Atlanta.”

What’s Next:

Evan plans to apply to eight colleges, including the University of Southern California, Georgetown, and New York University.

“NYU stands out from other schools in New York City,” Evan said. “It is more diverse and integrated into the city.”

Although he hasn’t settled on a major, Evan believes he will likely pursue a degree in filmmaking at whichever university he attends.

–Abby Kron