To the editor

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that I’ve really enjoyed the pieces by Ms. Brigance, Mr. Otten, and Mr. Hitt about the Civil War in our neighborhoods of Sandy Springs. Each time I’ve finished reading them in the Sandy Springs Reporter I’ve made a mental note to be sure and let you know – and am finally getting around to it.

I became very interested in the Civil War during college in the early 1980’s, and took a grad school course in Civil War History at Mercer Atlanta. During that time, I got interested in hiking the battlefields of that conflict and did a fair bit of relic hunting. I used The Official Military Atlas of the Civil War, put together from the commander’s maps in my ventures to try to more specifically pin down where actions took place, and so I really enjoy the local focus your writers are putting on their research

I’ve found much of what they are including in their columns is new detail to me, that I find very interesting. I grew up in Dunwoody in the 1960’s and spent a fair time in and around the river, so I’m pretty familiar with the places mentioned in the articles. Please keep them coming, and thanks!

Richard Craig Nichols