The Concorde Fire Soccer Club has withdrawn its application to build a soccer complex off of Johnson Ferry Road.

Since applying for the DeKalb County special land use permit, the soccer club has clashed with Brookhaven residents who don’t want the soccer fields near their neighborhoods.

Larry Lord, president of Concorde Fire, said the organization decided the tension was too much.

“We debated it but decided it was not in the best interest of the club to continue to pursue it,” Lord said. “The neighbors were not receptive at all to even compromise. We took that as a sign that we need to move on somewhere else.”

The Concorde Fire Soccer Club had hoped to build a $1.5 million soccer facility on 12 acres at 1611 South Johnson Ferry Road, to include three fields, a clubhouse and 150 parking spaces.

Lord said Concorde Fire is still in need of additional fields and will continue to pursue property in the area.

“We’ve been talking with people in Chamblee,” Lord said. “The main idea is that we’ll put that one behind us and begin looking again.”

Fay Ann Sherris, a Fielding Park Court resident who has been a vocal opponent of the soccer complex, said she was relieved to hear about the withdrawal.

“We were very pleased,” Sherris said. “It seemed to make the most sense … for all parties involved.”

Sherris said the experience has been positive for the community overall.

“We’ve become a very united community. It’s just been phenomenal to see the diff neighborhoods become in communication with each other. It makes me value where I live even more,” Sherris said.  “Everybody was very passionate, this was a very personal battle. We plan to stay united for benefit of our neighborhoods.”