Voter Gary Elliott talks to poll workers Jeff Coghill (glasses) and Ron Hatcher (blue sweater) at St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church in Dunwoody.

Dunwoody voters returned to the polls Dec. 6 in a pair of runoff elections to choose a new mayor and council member.

Noel Young, poll manager of the Dunwoody Library Precinct, predicted about 700 would vote in that precinct by the time the poll closed at 7 p.m.

“It’s been exceptional for a limited election,” Young said. “I think there are more people that are emotionally involved in this election than in most other elections because it’s Dunwoody, it’s the mayor.”

Su Ellis, poll manager at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, said that precinct had seen nearly 400 voters around 4 p.m., “just shy of 20 percent” of its registered voters.

She said the turnout is about what she was expecting.

“You know how runoffs go. They’re notoriously poorly attended,” Ellis said. “We’re happy for every voter that comes through.”