• Megan Emery and Trey Brooks
  • Dunwoody High School, seniors
Megan Emery

Megan Emery and Trey Brooks have been friends since they were young. They eat lunch with each other every day, having met at Dunwoody Baptist church when they were in elementary school.

The two Dunwoody seniors recently won their school’s Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) scholarship. They are excited about having won it together.

“We had to write this difficult essay,” Megan said. “The topic was ‘You’re a train. What is your fuel, where are you going, what is your destination, what are your thoughts along the way, and what are you packing?’”

Trey wrote that his destination was self-actualization. “You’re happy with who you are and satisfied with what you’ve accomplished in life,” Trey said.

A panel then reviewed the submitted essays Megan said, and students were given points for their essays, grades, extracurricular activities and leadership. Applicants with the most points advanced to the finalist round. As finalists, Megan and Trey were interviewed by PTSO members.

“My interview was very nerve-wracking at first,” Megan said. “It became very natural by the end and was a good experience, since I’ll have to interview for jobs in the future.”

“They really just wanted to get to know you,” Trey said.

The PTSO interviewers learned of Megan and Trey’s participation in the youth group at Dunwoody Baptist and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at school. They lead FCA, with Megan running meetings and Trey lining up guest speakers.

“I’ve been doing it since I was a freshman and it’s become a very fun, close-knit group,” Megan said. “I’ve been able to see the growth of the program and it’s very cool.”

Trey Brooks

Megan also organized Fifth Quarter, where Dunwoody students can hang out in safety after a football game. “My best friend and I started Fifth Quarter sophomore year,” Megan said. “It’s a safe, but fun, place for kids to hang out.”

Trey and Megan spend much of their free time at church.

“We teach kids’ Bible study and I run the tech booth for the youth band,” Trey said. “Megan and I went on a mission trip to Toronto last year and Hungary the year before. The church does a good job of giving you opportunities to get involved if you want to.”

Aside from her dedication to FCA and the youth group, Megan is a member of the National Charity League (NCL), and is a gymnast and cheerleader. Megan is also a student in the Academy of Mass Communications at Dunwoody.

“My favorite thing [with NCL] is working at the Community Action Center during the summer,” Megan said. “I go on days that people come to get food and I help them pick what they want and bag it for them. I enjoy getting to know them.”

Trey, on the other hand, takes part in karate and leads Technology Student Association (TSA) Robotics. He is in the Academy of Finance at school.

“I build robots, program them, test them and then compete,” Trey said. We’ve been to competitions all over the state and recently qualified for the world competition.”

His team will go to the competition in late April.

“Outside of school, I enjoy karate. I’ve worked on it for a long time—since I was 9,” Trey said. “It’s an exercise opportunity and a learning opportunity. I’m a brown-black belt, so basically in training for a black belt.”

Megan and Trey agree that finance teacher and FCA sponsor Steve Fortenberry has had a particular influence on them throughout high school.

“Mr. Fortenberry is my favorite teacher,” Trey said. “He’s great at making finance a fun and stress-free class, but you still learn so much.”

“I don’t know how he does it at all,” Megan said. “He’s so passionate about his job and FCA.”

What’s Next:

Megan will attend the University of Alabama this fall. She plans to double major in business and hospitality management.

Trey has committed to Auburn University. He plans to major in electrical engineering for the first two years, and then focus more specifically on wireless engineering.