The city of Dunwoody will host a meeting April 26 for the public to participate in the city’s zoning code rewrite process.

Officials will present the Concepts and Design Report at 7 p.m. April 26 at Dunwoody Baptist Church.

Community Development Director Steve Dush said the report “is intended to provide a bridge between the city’s “big picture” plans and the rewritten rules that will govern land use and development in Dunwoody.”

When Dunwoody was incorporated as a city, it inherited DeKalb County’s zoning code. This year, the city hired a consulting firm to tailor the zoning code and make it more specific to the city’s needs. It will likely take between 12 and 18 months to complete a draft of the code before it goes through a public hearing process.

In January, the city hosted a zoning code rewrite kickoff event where the residents shared their ideas with the consultants that will rewrite the city’s 200-page zoning code.

At the kickoff event, the majority of people felt that density, especially as it relates to the burden on infrastructure, is the most important zoning issue. They also wanted the rewrite to clarify regulations for home-based businesses. Making sure that the city’s zoning code is clear and easy to understand was also a priority.