• Justin Eisenberg
  • North Springs Charter High School, senior
Justin Eisenberg

Justin Eisenberg always showed a talent for math.

He was bumped ahead a year in his math classes in second grade, then again in sixth grade.

In middle school, he took part in American Mathematics Competitions (AMC). In high school, he began participating in a competition sponsored by the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP). He took part in the competition as a sophomore because he took AP Calculus as a sophomore, which is a rarity.

Then, he said, when he was taking part in the Governors Honors Program in math, his passion for the subject really took off. “While there,” he said, “I was exposed to fascinating new branches of math that the school system had never exposed me to.”

As a senior, he’s taking courses in differential equations at Georgia Tech. Justin takes three classes at North Springs, and two at Georgia Tech, which means he takes five courses instead of the seven he otherwise would take.

“It wasn’t that big of a transition, just driving every day,” Justin said. “It’s the same amount of workload because, of course, college level classes are more challenging.”

At the same time, he’s in the top 10 students in his class, captain of the Mock Trial Team, business-advertising manager of the student newspaper, president of the local chapter of the national Beta club, the officer of student court affairs and vice president of the 21st century leaders team. He recently was awarded one of three scholarships presented by the North Fulton Council of PTAs.

On Wednesdays, Justin works at the Hess Research Lab at Georgia Tech. He’s is the only high school student on the team in Tech’s chemical and bio-molecular engineering department.

“I’ve seen Justin grow and mature; he’s become much more understanding of students that aren’t as brilliant as he is,” said Lisa Myers, advanced placement language arts teacher.

“Seriously, Justin is wonderful. He’s got a great sense of humor and is completely selfless. He never says no. I think he’s given back more than he’s gotten.”

In addition to his interest in math, Justin has been captivated by the law and legal work. Through school, he took part in a couple of legal internships.

“I have had a passion for law as long as I can remember,” he said. “I think it stems from seeing injustice and wanting to contribute to making it right in some way.”

What’s Next:

Justin plans to attend Georgia Tech and major in chemical and bio-molecular engineering. He hopes to focus on nanotechnology and and patent law.

“My two favorite passions — law and science — combined into one career,” he said. “It’s a happy marriage between the two.”