­­­­The following incidents­­ and arrests are some but not all of the reports filed with SSPD over the listed period, dated through May 14.

The following information was provided by the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


8300 block of Roswell Road 30350 – On May 14, officers met with a man who was heavily intoxicated at his apartment on Greyfield Lane. The man said he was at a business on Roswell Road (7800 block) and was offered a ride from a man in a SUV. He accepted. The man drove him around and then told him he would beat him up if he didn’t withdraw $100 from his ATM account. The drunken guy did so and was let out. The suspect headed south on Roswell Road.


300 block of Mt. Vernon Highway 30328 – On May 12, the complainant said she checked on the house that belongs to her parents and found someone had entered the unoccupied home by forcing the French doors. Nothing was taken.

5600 block of Roswell Road 30342 – On May 12, someone attempted to get into an apartment during the night hours while the family slept. They were unable to get the deadbolt open and aborted the attempt. The family members said they never heard any noise or were awakened.

2700 block of Spring Creek Lane 30350 – On May 12, someone came into the apartment between 4 p.m. and 12 a.m.  They entered through an unlocked bedroom window. Missing are two digital cameras, a laptop, two guitars and two microphones.

5500 block of Kingsport Drive 30342 – On May 13, the victim said she woke up and found that her back sliding door was partially open and the outside gate leading to the door was open as well. It appears nothing was taken. She said the sliding door does not lock.

Spalding Trail 30350 – On May 13, the victim said someone came into the apartment through a ground-floor window. Glass was found at the entry point. Nothing appears to have been taken.

200 block of Northwood Drive 30342 – On May 13, the victim reported that someone entered the apartment through a bedroom window. Missing is a laptop valued at $2,500.

7400 block of Halfpenny Place 30328 – On May 14, someone attempted to force entry into the home by prying the back door. It isn’t known if they got in or not, but the resident said nothing appeared to be missing.

7900 block of Roswell Road 30350 – On May 14, the resident said someone kicked in the front door and took a desktop computer and 32-inch flat screen television.

4200 block of The Valley 30328 – On May 14, two persons, who were sleeping (they work night shift), said they heard knocking at the door just after 11 a.m. The victim looked through the peep hole and saw a man he did not recognize, so he didn’t answer the door. Minutes later, he heard someone coming in the door. The victim jumped up and confronted the man who fled. A second man was spotted. The door had been forced open with a crowbar.


4000 block of Mystic Drive 30342 – On May 12, the victim reported that someone took two UPS parcels from his garage area after they were delivered.

200 block of Spring Creek Drive 30350 – On May 12, officers responded to a burglary and spoke with a drunken guy who said he ended his relationship with his girlfriend and she took some of his stuff.

7000 block of Roswell Road 30328 – On May 13, a man said he responded to a craigslist.com ad for a used cellphone. He met the man at the Cheesecake Factory at Cumberland Mall and gave him $100 for the phone. When the victim called Sprint to activate the phone, they informed him it was stolen and they would not activate it.

1000 block of Johnson Ferry Road 30342 – The victim is a volunteer at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. She said on May 14, while she was working, someone took $35 cash from her purse.

Theft from Vehicles

Articles were stolen from vehicles on the following dates:

7700 block of Colquitt Road 30350, May 12.

4800 block of Kitty Hawk Drive 30342, May 12.

4000 block of Cherrywood Lane 30342, May 12.

4700 block of The Valley 30328, May 13.

4700 block of Kitty Hawk Drive 30342, May 13.

5600 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328, May 13.

1000 block of Abernathy Road 30328, May 14.

7100 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328, May 14.


A woman reported that someone tapped into her checking and savings account and withdrew $880 at three ATM machines located in the 4400 block of Roswell Road on May 10, and there were two withdrawals in the 2600 block of Spring Road in Smyrna on May 11.

4700 block of Northside Drive 30327 – On May 14, a woman reported that in 2010 she purchased a BMW X-5 from another person. She took the car for servicing and learned that the car was stolen out of New York. It was impounded. She gave the name of the man she bought it from to Cobb detectives.

A man reported that he was contacted by phone by a man named Jack Walker in Kingston, Jamaica. The caller said he was with the International Gaming Board and Lottery, and the person called was a winner! Here’s all he had to do: Go to the local CVS store and buy a Green Dot pre-paid card for $499 and then someone would come to his home and bring a “suitcase” full of money in exchange for the card. The intended victim wasn’t fooled and contacted the police.

5500 Northside Drive 30328 – On May 14, a woman reported that she accidentally left her debit card at a gas station. She later found that someone used the card on the same day at the same station as well as at several locations in Atlanta.


8600 block of Roberts Drive 30350 – On May 12, cops went to an apartment after a woman called about her baby’s daddy who has been giving her address to his probation officer. She argued with him and he threw a vacuum cleaner across the room. He also tried to throw a TV across the room as well, but she and her kids prevented him from doing so. The man then picked up a pair of scissors, but did not attack her with them. He then left. Warrants were taken for the man for simple assault and cruelty to children, 3rd degree.

1000 block of Hammond Drive 30328 – On May 14, officers were called to a disturbance between two people who were arguing over a money order. One of the persons involved said his knee “accidentally” kneed the other in the stomach. The two are man and woman who are dating. The woman, who was kneed, said she didn’t want to pursue the complaint.


Detectives arrested a woman on theft charges stemming from a scam perpetrated on several elderly women who thought they were purchasing a cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines. The victims each paid $481 to this woman in November. They arranged to meet at the Benson Center but she never showed. The arrestee, on May 4, returned the funds to the women after learning warrants had been taken out on her.  She requested the warrants be dropped. They were not and she was arrested.

6300 block of Roswell Road 30328 – On May 13, loss-prevention staff called the police on a juvenile shoplifter they had in custody. The juvenile took items from the rack and placed them in the pockets of his cargo pants. He was detained and later charged with shoplifting and turned over to this mother.

6400 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328 – On May 14, a man reported that he was sitting in his car and on the phone. He heard a loud noise that startled him. He looked up and saw another man who was holding a leaf blower at him. The man got out of his car and asked the man if he intentionally made the noise with the blower. The complainant walked to the front of the store with the leaf-blowing man behind him and following him. The leaf-blowing man said in Spanish “We will cut you to pieces.”  The man held his cellphone up, having called 911 and remarked “Say that again.” The leaf-blowing man punched the complainant, knocking the phone from his hand. The leaf-blowing man referred his supervisor to translate, but said the complainant yelled at him using several profanities. The case was booked into court via a citation.

6300 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328 – On May 14, officers were called by a hotel clerk who suspected two women of renting rooms for the purpose of prostitution. By the names given, the officers determined one had a previous arrest for prostitution. That woman was not at the room; however, the other one was. She told the officers that although she knew the other woman was a prostitute, they were only going clubbing and this was the reason for the room rentals. During the conversation, the officers noticed several packs of condoms and several cellphones and other items that indicated the room was being used for prostitution. The officers told the woman to leave. She asked if she could retrieve her makeup that was in the bathroom in a vanity drawer. The officer found the makeup as well as some marijuana. The woman was later arrested for the misdemeanor amount of marijuana.

Other Stuff

A woman reported that at her job at Arlington Cemetery, she was riding the grounds in a golf cart and noticed a man who appeared to be visiting a gravesite. She stopped and spoke with the man who said he was visiting his mother’s and grandmother’s site. The man, as he talked to the victim, became inappropriate in his comments to the victim and he began to brush her hair with his hand. Her creep alarm sounded and she drove away. The man did give his name to her and police are looking into it.

5300 block of Greenland Drive 30328 – On May 14, officers were called to meet a man who said a neighbor stained the back side of his privacy fence without his permission.