A photo of the toll booths on Georgia 400. Source: Wikimedia commons

Gov. Nathan Deal has announced he will end the toll on Ga. 400 by the end of 2013.

In a press release, Deal said the state will pay off its bond debt on Dec. 1, 2013 and remove the toll by the end of that year.

The tolls were supposed to expire in 2011 but were extended to 2020, prior to Deal’s decision.

“Ga. 400 commuters have paid more than their fair share

Gov. Nathan Deal

already, and this is the earliest we can bring it down without paying a penalty for early repayment of the bonds,” Deal said in the press release. “When the Ga. 400 toll went up, the state of Georgia promised commuters that it wasn’t forever. If we don’t keep that promise, we lose the faith of the people. We face many challenges when it comes to paying for new capacity, particularly in the Atlanta region. There are no easy answers, no secret pots of money, but it is imperative that governments build the trust of their people. As your governor, I will keep the promises I make to you.”