Georgia Tech students on, July 21, 2012, collected tires for an Aquaponics Experiment. Pictured left to right, are: Garth Peters (Buckhead Coalition), Katie Wingrove (Engineering Students for a Sustainable World), Richard Harrison (Alpha Phi Omega), Dr. Steven W. Van Ginkel (Research Engineer II, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering), and Justin Chaiddick (ArkFab).

The Buckhead Coalition continues its partnership with Georgia Tech, pledging $2,500 to remove 50 tires from Buckhead creek beds.

The coalition recently announced its partnership with the school for Aquaponics Research.

The research, which has a goal of recycling 1,000 pounds of food waste per day, will explore a sustainable food production system combining aquaculture and hydroponics in a symbiotic environment. The coalition has pledged to pay the student fees for installing a thermal mass inside a greenhouse to control the temperature, the coalition says.

The tires will be used in the thermal mass walls, the coalition says.

Dan Whisenhunt

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