Andrea Sneiderman
Photo Credit CBS Atlanta
Andrea Sneiderman

A tangled Dunwoody murder case has taken another surprising turn.

Prosecutors now claim that Andrea Sneiderman conspired with her boss, Hemy Neuman, to kill her husband so she could be with another man.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, DeKalb Superior Court Judge Gregory Adams ruled that Sneiderman could not contact her alleged lover.

The alleged love triangle is the latest twist in a case stemming from the 2010 murder of Andrea Sneiderman’s husband, Rusty, outside a Dunwoody daycare center.

Hemy Neuman was convicted and sentenced in March for the crime. But defense attorneys and prosecutors picked apart Sneiderman’s testimony and developed a case against her, charging her in August.

Prosecutors initially claimed Sneiderman was having an affair with Neuman.

Sneiderman has pleaded not guilty and has been confined to house arrest.

Reporter Newspapers’ broadcast partner CBS Atlanta reported that prosecutors named Joseph Dell as a witness in the case. The prosecution claims Dell left his pregnant wife to be with Sneiderman. The Dells have since divorced, CBS Atlanta reported.

Ken Hodges, a former prosecutor and former district attorney, told CBS Atlanta that prosecutors will need to have hard evidence to prove a relationship between the two.

“I don’t know whether this is a ploy to get Hemy Neuman to speak, to try to drive a wedge between Hemy and Ms. Sneiderman. I don’t know what the motivation is,” Hodges told CBS Atlanta. “The district attorney is going to have hard evidence of it, and not just rumor, innuendo, speculation, or it will fail.”

According to the Associated Press, the judge also ruled on Nov. 20 that Sneiderman could not attend depositions in the case, but could listen to them electronically.

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