Andrea Sneiderman’s attorneys have asked for the eight-count indictment against her to be thrown out.

According to Reporter Newspapers broadcast partner CBS Atlanta, motions filed in DeKalb Superior Court Dec. 7 ask a judge to schedule a hearing to dismiss all the charges against Sneiderman. In addition to murder, she is accused of perjury, insurance fraud and racketeering.

Sneiderman is accused of conspiring with her former boss, Hemy Neuman, to kill her husband Rusty Sneiderman in 2010. Neuman was sentenced in March to life in prison for the murder.

In the motion, Sneiderman’s attorneys said the murder count “fails to provide sufficient information to allow defendant to prepare a defense charge.”

Sneiderman’s attorneys also asked that Joseph Dell be removed from the witness list. Dell and Sneiderman are reportedly involved in a relationship.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, one motion that was not filed was a request for a change of venue for Sneiderman’s upcoming murder trial, meaning that trial will likely be held in DeKalb County.

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