Mike Davis
Mike Davis

On behalf of the city of Dunwoody, I extend congratulations to the newly elected mayor and City Council of the city of Brookhaven. You have worked hard to win support from the majority of your citizens to help create a new city in Georgia and for that you should be applauded.

I understand what you’ve been through, especially since I am a member of the group which helped lead Dunwoody to its incorporation. Now that you are here, there’s a lot of good work and effort ahead.

Being elected to serve the citizens of your new city is a bold achievement and a serious undertaking. Your new responsibilities will require strong leadership, flexibility, listening and patience. Part of the challenge ahead is understanding and meeting citizen expectations and creating a municipal operation that serves the community and its needs. While this may sound academic, it is worth repeating.

As your “neighbor to the north” I am fully aware Brookhaven residents are not only highly educated but also passionate and involved. In the coming months and years you are bound to hear even more opinions, needs and desires that may pull each of you in multiple directions.

To best address the symphony of requests and views I recommend each of you stick close to your vision for what you and your residents want for your city. It is impossible to meet every need and cater to every demand. But by exercising patience and following your instincts, you can help put ideas into action and create a city which people are proud to call home.

Moving forward, part of your responsibility as elected officials will be to establish trust, transparency and integrity. But remember to never lose sight of your vision of success.

As your neighbor, I’m confident you will flourish and provide your citizens with the high-quality service they deserve. Welcome to cityhood!

Mike Davis is the mayor of Dunwoody.