• Brantley Taylor
  • Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School, senior
Brantley Taylor

For about a dozen years, Brantley Taylor has been playing softball.

She started in first grade, with her dad starting coaching her team at Northside Youth Organization (NYO). Since then, Brantley has developed a passion for the sport and played every season, progressing from recreational league to her middle school’s team.

While she focused on third base throughout her early years, she branched out at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School and settled at center field by junior year.

This past season, her final one at Holy Innocents’, Brantley was the only senior on the softball team, which presented both challenges and triumphs. The team was slated with an incredibly difficult schedule, over 30 games in a single month – many against much larger schools.

“We played so many games that oftentimes we couldn’t practice in between,” said Brantley, “but games are the best way to practice. We still managed to rally against the powerhouses pretty well.”

Senior night with the team proved to be one of her best memories.

“It was really sweet to be honored by them…all of my friends were cheering in the stands. One of my best friends dressed up as the mascot and all of my teammates were by my side,” said Brantley. “It was so fun.”

Brantley’s journey to senior year has not been without its trials. Injuries have plagued her career. Despite it all, Brantley has never found it difficult to get back on the field.

“For me, softball is like riding a bike – once you get rid of the rust, you’re fine again,” said Brantley.

Brantley’s athleticism has shown not only on the softball field but also on the tennis court. At one point, she played on both a club tennis team and the softball team, requiring an incredible amount of time and energy. After dealing with three-plus hours of daily practice and tournaments every weekend, she decided to stick with softball.

“It was hard, because you don’t know if you can do it and keep up with school at the same time,” said Brantley.

Still, she seems to have coped successfully. She excels in the classroom as well as on the softball field. She takes Advanced Placement courses and is a member of National Honor Society and Science National Honor Society.

Brantley has been a member of the yearbook staff throughout high school and now serves as co-editor-in-chief.

This fall, Brantley experienced one of the biggest surprises of her high school experience – she was voted her school’s Homecoming Queen.

“It was so shocking and exciting – it never would have crossed my mind,” said Brantley. “It’s incredible to know I was thought of by the student body in such a great way.”

Overall, Brantley loves sports, and always wants them to be part of her life.

“Sports are such a huge part of my life,” said Brantley. “Football season is my favorite time of year.”

She’s a diehard Alabama and Falcons fan.

What’s Next:

Brantley’s top college choices are the University of Alabama and the University of Georgia. Applying her passion for sports to a career, Brantley hopes to pursue sports broadcasting and dreams of working for ESPN some day.

–Elizabeth Wilkes