Howard Shook
Howard Shook

District 7 Atlanta City Councilman Howard Shook is assuring neighborhood leaders that the Atlanta Police Department is working hard to address an increase in car-break ins and will pursue a strategy of “aggressive traffic enforcement.”

“Pulling over vehicles that have violated traffic laws (including burnt-out brake and turn-signal lights) generally leads to an increase in the discovery and apprehension of criminals, and sends a clearly-heard message to such people to ply their trade elsewhere,” Shook wrote in an email.  “This tactic appears to be working, as vehicle larcenies are down 7 percent over the last 28 days, and 32 percent thus far in 2013 compared to the same time last year.”

Shook said Buckhead’s overall police strength is up.

“Maj. (Van) Hobbs has reminded the men and women patrolling Zone Two of the discretion they possess regarding the issuance of a warning versus a ticket, and thus far I haven’t heard of any complaints,” Shook said.  “Your patience is requested.  Please let your neighbors know about this effort.  If you have been too busy to get that brake light replaced, now would be a good time to do it!”

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