The city of Brookhaven has created two boards that will complete the framework needed for the new city’s zoning process.

At the City Council’s Feb. 12 meeting, Mayor J. Max Davis announced his appointments to the Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Each seven-member board contains a few names familiar to those who have followed the new city’s progression. For example, Hope Bawcom, a former council candidate, and Jed Beardsley, a member of the Governor’s Commission on Brookhaven, will serve on the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Stan Segal, named chairman of the Planning Commission, was a member of Citizens for North DeKalb, the group that funded a study to determine if it was feasible to create a city of Brookhaven.

The Planning Commission is an advisory board that will hear zoning applications and make recommendations to the City Council.

“The Planning Commission is the first step of the zoning process and a very important step,” said Councilman Jim Eyre.

The Zoning Board of Appeals has the authority to make decisions when applicants ask for variances to the city’s zoning code.

Davis said he took a long time to vet all the candidates to find a qualified mix of people to represent the city. Davis also appointed two municipal court judges and a member to the forthcoming alcohol review board, which will hear violations to the city’s permits for serving alcoholic beverages.

“We have a good, diverse mix of very strong candidates,” Davis said.

Below is the list of appointees from the city of Brookhaven:

Zoning Board of Appeals

  1. Tim Nama, chairman
  2. Corey Self
  3. Hope Bawcom
  4. Glenn Viers
  5. Don Bolia
  6. Kent Gipson
  7. Jed Beardsley

Planning Commission

  1. Stan Segal, chairman
  2. Shannon Cameron
  3. Jack Honderd
  4. Adrian Schmidt
  5. John Funny
  6. Rob Francour
  7. John Hess

Alcohol Board

  1. Joseph Patin, Chairman


  1. Laura Stevenson, Chief
  2. Jonathan Granade, Pro tem