The city is moving ahead with Phase 1 of its downtown plan, which covers the area north of Hammond Drive and west of Roswell Road.
The city is moving ahead with Phase 1 of its downtown plan, which covers the area north of Hammond Drive and west of Roswell Road.

City officials are implementing the first phase of the city’s downtown master plan, a project expected to cost taxpayers $84 million.

The costs are for building Phase 1 of the city center plan, which will cover the area north of Hammond Drive and west of Roswell Road.

The city already has $25.6 million budgeted and needs an additional $58 million. The costs will be spread out over the next decade. The council plans to set aside $7.5 million a year for the next seven years for the project.

The council approved the plan at its meeting on Feb. 5. Sandy Springs kicked off its city center project on Feb. 21, knocking down a structure at 150 Hilderbrand Drive. The site will become part of an extension of Bluestone Road.

Here are some of the largest projects in the first phase and their anticipated costs. Some projects listed here were already planned by the city and have funding allocated, but the city will need additional money to complete them. Other projects are considered “new” and are contained in the Phase 1 plan. All information comes from the city of Sandy Springs.

Johnson Ferry Road and Sandy Springs Circle intersection improvements

The project: Changing the alignment and grade of Sandy Springs Circle and improving the transition from five lanes to two lanes on Johnson Ferry Road North.

Total cost: $3 million

Amount the city needs: $2.3 million

Johnson Ferry Road/Glenridge Drive project

The project: Improving the alignment and creating roundabouts for the intersection of Johnson Ferry Road and Mount Vernon Highway. City staff recommended to the city that Roswell Road should not be widened further and that the project should focus on the east side of Roswell Road.

Total cost: $14.6 million

Amount the city needs: $9.9 million

Sandy Springs Circle streetscape

The project: Adding multipurpose paths, wider landscaping, on-street parking, streetlights and medians.

Total cost (Option A): $7.5 million

Amount the city needs (Option A): $5.12 million

Note: The project proposed two alternatives with different funding mechanisms that would depend on alternate funding sources. To see the full list of options visit:

Mount Vernon Highway street improvement/Bluestone Road extension (new project)

The project: Build a new street segment on Mount Vernon Highway west of Sandy Springs Circle to Roswell Road. Bluestone Road to be extended from the Bluestone Building to the new city center on Mount Vernon Highway.

Total cost: $9.6 million

Civic Center on-site infrastructure and the Green (new project)

The project: Providing the streets and underground utilities necessary to support the construction of a city center.

Total cost: $11.3 million

Heritage Green playground (new project)

The project: Building a new playground next to the Heritage Green

Total cost: $4.4 million

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  1. I agree with the idea of filling a nitch market of a PAC with around 1000 seats. Seems to be the most resonable ,both from a long range economic and utilization point of view.. This could certainly be the crown jewel of the downtown project if done well. I think the design of the facility should be as “flexable” as possible so the venue could support many different types of entertainment in the future eg. Broadway type shows, drama, Dance, Opera, Big band or jazz festivals etc, as well as a draw for corporate events.. Who Knows, a facility like this ,if done right, could eventually encourage the creaton of a Sandy Spring Symphony, a Sandy Springs Opera co , a Sandy Springs Ballet co. A Sandy Springs Brass assemble etc etc It could help position Sandy Springs as a cultural hub for the North Atlanta area

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