By Collin Kelley

Tonight’s episode begins where last week’s left off: Krazy Kenya’s mad dash from Kandi’s housewarming party in her attempts to escape the clutches of her “stalker,” manufactured boyfriend Walter (who is also now gay because he didn’t want to have anything to do with Kenya’s tomfoolery). When Kenya called him up before filming and said, “I need you to pretend to be my boyfriend,” I’m sure Walter had no idea he would be in for this much mess. Luckily, there is only one episode left in the season, followed by the reunion special(s).

Moving on.

Nene is back in Atlanta and Gregg is not-so-subtly dropping hints that he wants to get married again. They make plans for their youngest son to stay in Atlanta with Gregg to finish school while Nene works on her career in Hollywood. Gregg doesn’t like the idea of living apart, but Nene is adamant that they don’t need to see each other every day. Whether her series, The New Normal, will be picked up for a second season has yet to be announced.

Cynthia meets with Kenya and tells her to stop acting like a loon about Walter and move on. They seems like they’re going to get into a nasty argument, but Kenya eventually realizes that Cynthia is talking sense and says she will move on and find the man of her dreams. I’m not waiting up nights.

Meanwhile, Porsha goes to see her psychologist because she now realizes that she might not be able to live up to Kordell’s  standards of  a “traditional” wife. She gets all teary-eyed, but we don’t get any resolution since next week there is a couples therapy session to try and hash out their differences.

Kandi meets all of her sales associates for her Bedroom Kandi sex toy line. Kandi is floored at how many people are involved in her company and how quickly it has taken off. Kandi’s business partner also announces that Bedroom Kandi has won a best sex toy award. I guess Kandi can use her Grammy and dildo award as bookends.

Since this episode was filled with filler to get us to next week’s finale, Nene and Cynthia go to Murphy’s in Virginia Highland for a private wine tasting and to catch up. Cynthia is happy that Nene and Gregg are back together, while Nene coos about how she and Gregg are still best friends and attracted to each other.

Still in the afterglow from her sex toy award, Kandi and Todd discuss their future, including having Kandi’s elderly mother come to live with them, having another baby by surrogate and pre-nups. They are cute together, and since Kandi is the only genuine person on the show, I can only wish them the best.

The episode moves on to the battle of the workout video segment, where shots of Kenya filming her workout video in a studio in Atlanta are intercut with Phaedra and Apollo in LA filming at a posh Beverly Hills mansion. There’s lots of smack-talking in the cutaway segments. Phaedra says Kenya has “Home Depot remodeled silicone buns,” while Kenya says Phaedra is fat and more serious about her meals than working out. Kenya also compares herself to Jessica Rabbit and says Phaedra is more like Spongebob Square Pants. Phaedra believes Kenya’s video is going to be “stuffy and cray cray,” but Kenya (who has a very high opinion of herself) brings her split personalities out to congratulate each other for the fine job they’re doing. “Kenya the producer has to give props to Kenya the workout expert for how this video shoot is going,” Kenya says. And while it’s hard to tell from Bravo’s editing, it appears that Kenya’s video is the more professional and serious while Phaedra is in pain after the first take and pouring sweat. Let’s hope they have good editors, too.

The episode ends with Gregg taking Nene to dinner and proposing again. After Nene stops choking on her wine, she says yes. Awww, ain’t love grand?

Sandy Tyler will be back next week to take us home with the season finale.

Collin Kelley

Collin Kelley has been the editor of Atlanta Intown for two decades and has been a journalist and freelance writer for 35 years. He’s also an award-winning poet and novelist.